Mozilla joins Anonymous against Congress & CISPA

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mozilla joins Anonymous against Congress & CISPA

Mozilla Firefox - Doing Good is a part of our Code. Mozilla slams CISPA, joining Anonymous against Censorship

We had a sign of hope today when we learned that search engine Mozilla has come out against CISPA. Now keep in mind Mozilla was one of the most outspoken critics of SOPA and PIPA and they took part in the blackout back in January, which ultimately stopped the legislation from becoming law. And now that we know where Mozilla stands, we're hoping this will continue the trend of tech companies calling for a new, less invasive, cybersecurity bill.

Anatomy of the Mozilla Community: Users, Supporter, Casual Contributor, Active Contributor, Core Contributor

Mozilla's issues with CISPA mirror opposition that was voiced last week on Capitol Hill during debates over the legislation. Rep Jan Schakowsky (D Illinois) said the cybersecurity bill "still fails to adequately safeguard the privacy of Americans" and that the government needs to be able to "combat the serious threat of cyber attacks and still insure that we are protecting our computer systems and the civil liberties of Americans."

Mozilla Firefox Comes Against CISPA

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