You are the Resistance - Resistance is Victory!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

You are the Resistance - Resistance is Victory!

When The People take the battlefield, they begin to have victories. Here's just a few examples of recent victories-- both partial and whole-- from the campaign to Stop SOPA, to Ron Paul's 2012 campaign, the movement to remove dangerous chemicals from our food, water and vaccines, to the battle to stop the police state-- with many more victories to come in 2012. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself admitted that the big brother state was losing the Infowar. Ideas are bulletproof. Remember what Victor Hugo said: 'No army can stop an idea whose time has come.'

Resistance is victory! We should stand up, get involved and take action. The world is at a crossroad, noone can deny that tyranny is growing accross the globe.
  1. Congress ended its least-productive year in modern history after passing 80 bills - fewer than during any other session since year-end records began being kept in 1947.
  2. Obama signed National Defense Authorization Act, however he says he doesn't even need NDAA to indefinitely detain Americans. They tried to denied it, they want to do it in secret, they are weak.
  3. FEMA .
  4. Americans buy record numbers of guns for christmas.
  5. Banking Elite - Military - Elected Officials
We have ideas for the future, we have the ideas of freedom and liberty.
All of us have to speak up and be involved now like never before, we are having victories everytime we stand up and get involved, you have incredible power, that's why the tyrants always tell you that you are powerless, because the oppossite is true.
2012 is the year that the resistance goes to the next level! It is the beginning of the end of New World Order.

Global Awakening is upon us! You know this "ELITE"!

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